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Twenty Exercises for the Body to Be the Soul’s Companion
Solo Exhibition of Leong Chou In










If one has a project - or more precisely, is living in a project - one always is already in the future.
                                                                                       -                                              Boris Groys, “The Loneliness of the Project”

Twenty Exercises for the Body to Be the Soul’s Companion is an ongoing project conceived and implemented by artist Joein, Leong Chou In. It began in 2021 as a series of simple body exercises and has since evolved into an artist book and a portable art exhibition.

Starting with the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind, the artist designs and initiates twenty life actions, inviting individuals to dedicate brief moments of time to their physical being and allowing the body to become a companion to the soul.

In this exhibition, the artist has chosen several exercises from the book for the audience to participate in, using various tools and prompts. For example, the exhibition includes a treadmill and a recording device that allows the audience to walk and meditate on “Who Am I?” within the exhibition space; reciting “So That You Will Hear Me,” Pablo Neruda’s love poem, in various foreign languages to create “Beautiful Misunderstanding”; providing the digits of Pi for the “Sound Making Exercise” without any intention to provoke thought; offering free water from an in-house bakery to practice “Good Deeds Bringing Good Outcomes”; and giving away cat food to encourage the audience to take a stroll down the street and experience “Connection with Other Creatures” after the exhibition. Some other exercises are only available as public programs during the exhibition period, designed to extend the experience and foster connections among individuals who “do not rely on or even know each other.”

With books as the medium, the artist creates, demonstrates and documents these simple life actions that take no more than thirty minutes and can be practiced by anyone. Anyone can claim them, and anyone will find such a choice and freedom. Through the exhibition, the audience is curious about how to free these ideas in space and spread them through action.

Strictly speaking, there are no art pieces displayed here. Only some assignments and tools are arranged to propose a future life and document some people who are already on their way.

This exhibition is curated by Lam Sio Man, organized by MyLand Culture and is part of the MyLand Living Room art space program.

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