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'Simple Body Exercise' solo exhibition 
《簡單身體運動》 個展

Dimensions art center artist in residency, Chong Qing
十方國際藝術駐留項目, 重慶

exhibition review 開幕回顧

exhibition introduction 展覽介紹

Philosophers often ask about the meaning oflife? If life is meaningless, should we actively move forward or confront it bylying down? Soul exploration is endless and clueless, we know it but stillunconsciously indulge in it. The uncertainty of the future and theconfrontation with life have become an addiction, we let the fear spread andlet the panic sink.


I differentiate the functions of the bodyand soul. I used to name the soul and the body ‘we’ together. If I cantemporarily leave the swirl of my soul, and give time to the body to lead,the simple Body Exercise based on the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and bodywill guide me to return to the relationship between myself and the six roots.

I’m exploring a completely unfamiliar city.When you and I are both doing the same instructional actions, leaving behindfootprints either shallow or deep, similar or different, and then we share moreinexplicable special connections.  ‘We’and ‘We’ do not rely on each other, or even know eachother, but here we are, a simple nod for our both existence.



Find a long staircase, two steps up, up and down, walk until your body heats up


Go to a place with good air or strange air and breathe in the following way. Inhale and exhale ten times from the left nostril, ten times from the right nostril, ten times from both nostrils, ten times from the mouth, run in place and breathe at will until you are tired


Imitate animals or friends


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