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Here she dances

2012 Premiere
2013 Reprise at the 24th Macau Arts Festival

Poet and dancer Jenny Ng arrived in Macao in the 1970s and soon began teaching dance, as well as unlocking her literary talents. A decade later, her works began to be published in local newspapers, and she has since penned numerous poems and essays. Premiered last year at the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library, Here She Dances is a mixed media work based on Ng’s poems, combining multimedia arts with literary excerpts and dance.

Comuna de Pedra, established in 1996, is a non-profit cultural organisation devoted to the creation and promotion of theatre and the visual arts. Its productions have been performed in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA and Germany, among other countries. This stunning example of local talent will certainly make its mark in Macau’s literary and performing arts circles!



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